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My desire is to create personal design products that last the time. The unique design of Moroccan carpets, in their beautiful colours and patterns, touched my heart and sparked the idea for my own brand. My thinking was to allow people to not only enjoy these designs at their homes, but to carry their beauty with them, on them, wherever they go!


I love contrasts and mixing different styles together. My background is in working as a fashion stylist, for over 10 years now. I am curious by the ways we can express our identity, lifestyle and convictions through our style. I am passionate about exploring this planet of ours, and get inspired by the nature, arts and different cultures, lifestyles and people who dare to be different and show it. I admire the people who create beauty in this not always so beautiful world. I appreciate beautiful smiles. I get inspired by the magic of everyday life.


Products of Aino Heinio are all unique pieces. Just like every single one of us. I work together with amazingly talented artisans in Morocco. It is exciting to see how the local women express themselves in their work by making carpets full of colours, beautiful patterns and symbols. Most of them cannot write, so its their way to express their inner world. I love how these pieces of art get new, different lives in my designs, transforming into clothing and accessories, ending up from the high Atlas mountains’ women’s carpet weaving societies to the streets of different cities all around the world. These pieces are a beautiful combination of traditional Moroccan handicrafts and Scandinavian modern design. We all like having and seeing beauty around us, fusing our talent with ideas from various enviroments can result be something, well quite unique and beautiful.


Aino Heinio products are unisex because this world is all about energy; feminine and masculine, we all represent these two energies. I design for the universal people, we are all one in the end.


With our fast-paced consumption culture and lifestyle and rapid changes in fashion, we are drowning ourselves and the planet in material. We are all aware there is no planet B. That is the most important reason we need to be sustainable and recycle. Natural and long-lasting materials are important for me.


Aino Heinio is not just a fashion brand, it is a conscious lifestyle brand made with love and meaning. Instead of creating a new crush for each season, I rather create love stories that last forever.

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